“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Urgent review needed of RAF base used to handle US spy data, said MP Tom Watson in 2014| The Independent


The fine line between duty to ones country, and duty to law, or human rights is a thin one indeed. If you are a coward, with no respect for your oath, or the law, that is.

British MP cried foul in 2014 when he noted that the U.S. was spying on allies and world leaders, using Croughton AFB as a base ops for illegal surveillance-and other black ops.


In 2014, just after Edward Snowden said that ‘his job was done!’ via revealing the fact that Americans were spying on, and leveraging other Americans, the world learned that America was also using US Air Force and Naval installations offshore to violate the letter and spirit of international law and treaties: and to spy on other Americans.

America was waging a dark war of hidden proportions against the whole world, and using information gleaned from world-wide wiretapping to honeynet, honeypot, ensnare and entrap; coerce and manipulate: black and gray mail those who would challenge such consciensless surveillance.

One of those was Tom Watson, a British MP.

“Tom Watson, a former defence minister and deputy chairman of the Labour Party, said there was an urgent need for “public scrutiny” of the activities at RAF Croughton, a US Air Force base in Northamptonshire which is a major hub for American military and clandestine communications.

The Independent revealed this week that the base is used to route vast amounts of data captured by Washington’s “Stateroom” network of listening posts in diplomatic premises back to America for analysis by the CIA and the National Security Agency.

RAF Croughton AFB is home to a deep cover black ops that spies on, compromises, and otherwise surveils world leaders. It is also home to some very interesting Tor nodes, and associated black operations.


The network is at the centre of revelations that the NSA intercepted a mobile phone used by Mrs Merkel. A spying “nest” on the roof Washington’s Berlin embassy appears to have been abruptly turned off last week following an incendiary row between Germany and America about the eavesdropping.”


What does a US Air Force base in Britain, and organized stalking have in common? Beyond hosting Tor nodes with interesting functionality, and having direct ties to the FBI’s Dream Hosting and Dread Pirate Roberts/ Silk Road cases, it is one of many spy hubs around the world where American citizens collect data on American citizens, and pass that data back to American agents, via “Fusion Centers,” to circumvent the United States Constitutional guarantees.

Most notoriously, RAF Croughton was used to compromise Angela Merkel and other world leaders. It is home to honeynets, psyops, and CIA mind control operations that boggle the ordinary persons mind-literally creating  HUMINT ‘assets’ out of ordinary citizens whose only crime, it seems, is to participate in internet culture and democracy.

It’s a perfect plausible deniability scheme, and Americans are none the wiser; nor is it widely known exactly what black ops arevrun out of there.

But don’t take my word for it-ask “Dr.”Robert Duncan! He is one of the notorious limited hangouts on the internet that claims to be an authority on mind control. And, he has been directly connected to several mass shooters via his connection with Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, aka FFCHS.

Myron May, Aaron Alexis, and Gavin Long, aka Cosmo Setepenra aka the Dallas Cop Killer all were in contact with the ‘teachings’ of Dr. Robert Duncan and his cohort of Psychological Operators, working dometically, and abroad.

Here is a comment from “Dr.”Duncans website that any Fusion Center troll who remembers the US Constitution might find valuable:

Reporting electronic weaponry crimes and terrorismDecember 9, 2014 at 6:15 AM:

“Criminal weapons scientists have designed a criminal electronic weaponry console and have plugged it in at 422 Communications Squadron RAF Croughton, UK. It is deliberately designed to gratify criminal sadism and criminal lunacy. It dispenses over the internet to decent responsible members of the general public and attaches to them permanently particle battery packs powering individual unfolding particle torture crime arms which are controlled remotely by criminal sadist computer programmes, which are deliberately designed to ruin eyesight and spine and overall neural, synaptic and spinal connectivity to blind and disable in time to come. What is the objective scientific reference for this cyber criminal electronic weapon? I need it for the National Cyber Crime Unit, UK. Please email me on owenfincham@gmail.com

This comment in and of itself is just one bread crumb in the trail of terror that these people have left in their wake, and it should concern any law enforcement agent with even a shred of remembrance for their oath of office, but so far, the jury is out-and the FOP, etc are all playing hushpuppies on these mind controlled zombies cranked out like patsy cakes on an assembly line by operatives like Duncan et al.

I would suggest, to law enforcement and to the research and the researcher of organized gang stalking, that you explore this intel nexus in Britain a little more closely-all of it’s a psyops factories that report back to US, and its multiplicitous alphabet agencies.

Then, they parallel construct and dissect peoples lives, outside the view of any court, and against the rights we hold to be self evident.

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