“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

How to catch and  expose an organized gang stalker, and their affilited group/s.

Refer to the sidebar on the front page of this blog for free tools that you can use to document court room worthy evidence of physical, electronic, or ‘spiritual’ stalking. This blog also offers up to $15,000 reward to anyone who can capture, arrest, and successfully prosecute in an American or International court of law, any single gang stalker that leads to the capture and successful legal prosecution of a group of gang stalkers who work in government, and institutions; the reward will be paid in cash.

The dictionary of terminology will help you organize against your hidden domestic terrorists, and identify which group is stalking you.But know especially, that most cases of organized talking involves covert, hidden manipulation and illegal action by police, FBI, DHS, and sometimes he CIA, working with auxilliary organizations such as church groups, the Rotary Clubs, and community patrols, and organizes with key individuls to undermine due process under color of law.

Here is one recent famous example: LAPD has a history of illegally spying on literally millions of innocent people, all over California, and they were caught in 2014. This truly is the most insidious moral corruption of our era. Any serious academic research of organized stalking must include the question that many targeted indiviuals ask : ‘how did they know this/that about me/my location/my childhood/my lfe’ etc.

The answer is: they create and maintain secret hidden databases all over the US now, far from the view of court rooms. The absolute golden rule of gang stalkers is “keep it out of a court room,” because by now, it is common knowledge that gencies are full tilt subvrting the United States Constitution’s guarantees of speech, press, assembly, and sadly, much more.

First, a short history of organized gang stalking

Organized stalking is as old as human kind, and probably older. Most apes and pack animals exhibit stalking behaviors.  Organized gang stalking is not limited to animals, and it appears in various forms throughout written history. 

The Jewish-christian Jesus was stalked in the Bible, the tales of ancient Rome are full of intrigues such as the plot against Ceasar, and the works of Shakespeare are full of vignettes of security theater, whispering witches, and intrigue as well. And America has a long tradition of mobs and lynchings pre-dating the racial, or civil rights era.

So, organized stalking is not new, and in fact, it originates from the ‘lizard brain’ amygdalla of every predatory animal, inluding humans who are primal, and unable to reach higher intellect in themselves, and thus band together, thinking that their deficiency will become efficiency via sharing IQ points to form the hive mind. This is thevessence of militrism, and inelligence collection.

 All species of apes, and monkeys practice hunting in groups.Chimpanzees are epecially notorious for primitive, devious and often brutal stalking and killing-even eating chimps who are not from their own troupe.Most pack animals establish perimeters ndvpatrol them regularly, stalking, mhunting, and killing invader. Butbthe human being is a slightly more paranoid and territorial species, extending its boundaries into individuals intellectual and physical space in creative ways, driven by the sociopathic hive mind.

On one hand, the hive mind created laws that appear equal, in order to maintain a false premise:that there is a higher morality, and that thy are better than animals. Which is a nice premise, but onevthstbis esily debunked in wr time, and particularly in pre-emptive war cultures like we see today.This is Jewish supremacy, in collusion with chistian greed and false moral basis.These are the dogs of war.

So, in order to capture and prosecute organized gang stalkers, you have to follow the ancient rules-and ‘know thy enemy’ applies at all times. But the most important rule is to ‘know thyself,’ in every way to be brutaly honest about your situation, and the reality that seriously deviant, creepy persons, agencies, or organizations might be stalking you and exploiting you in the hidden shadows-in the gray areas of law, and morality.

Capturing and Prosecuting Organized Stalkers Requires a Paradigm Shift

The most important thing you can do before you begin the lengthy process of capturing and prosecuting gang stalkers is to identify where you think it started, who you THINK they are, and separate fact from observation, from your judtifiable paranoia. Using your intuition, hunches, and historical facts of your personal life and situation will give you clues as to who might ‘have it in for you.’ Then, you must identify the type of stalking you endure.

Who are your gang stalkers?

I write this to anyone who has been or is being stalked. I have no political, moral, or religious purpose, nor do I discriminate in my advice. If you’re a klansman being stalked by LEO’s, or a Jew being stalked by other Jews ( one of the most common scenarios, in my experience), or a christian who has been stalked by a church group. Or whether you are a Jew being harassed by klansman, or a klansman being stalked by the Southern Poverty Law Center-what matters is that they get caught.

Whether you are a man bring stalked by any of a multitude of women’s organizations who operate online or off, or a woman who is being coerced into joining them dosen’t matter to me. What matters is tht you identify and top them, ideally with evidence tht is acceptable in a courtroom.Only by bringingbthese ces to court can we begin to cripple these cowards who forego the law.

And especially, if you are a whistleblower caught in intelligence agency black operation of domestic terror waged by law enforcement, and its web of ‘community policing’ gray area exploitation of the law: take special note that it is in the gray area where these hidden cowards can be exploited as well.


Multi-agency stalking is a debilitating, energy draining total harassment of a person, with a stated goal of constant attack on the individual. It is highly orchestrated, and informed by secret dossiers that exist in police databases, and especially in hidden,  auxilliary datbases beyond the reach of the court.

LAPD spies on millions of innocent people, uses secret databases, even though they were caught in 2014.

Identifying these cowardly webs of ‘community police’ takes time, because decent people miss the first few years of it, being too buy, or living life to notice, and so they attribute misfortune to ‘bad luck,’ or some other  source, failing to immediately connect the dots, or pinpoint a beginning.

One source has noted that he once dated the daughter of a small town police chief, and his troubles began. But she wasn’t the average police chiefs daughter-she was in fact once a 12 year old teen runaway, and a child prostitute, before this source ever met her! This woman was truly a poison pill, with layers of organizations and individuals using her as a foil for one or another of their schemes.

Upon meeting this woman, and moving her at his expense to her home state to put her closer to her family, this source almost immediately began to experience organized stalking, with many random police encounters, false accusations, court appearances where he was always ‘not guilty,’ and even car accidents to follow.

Police and state agency based stalking is a pervasive, and it is THE primary source of organized stalking in most cases-remember, beaureaucrats don’t work for a living, they make their living from exploiting people who do.

In the case above, the young woman was on the radar of many little Eihmann, a political hot potato. Many state agencies, foster care parents, welfare department workers, psycholgists and cops literally made money every time they enountered this woman in the system, as women like her are cash cows to be milked at every opportunity by those ‘in the system.’ And wnyone asoiated with her became a trget as well.

Not un-coincidentally, this woman had been a teenaged prostitute in Las Vegas, and Hollywood, CA. And she had every story you might expect, including gangs following her (!), being raped at Eau Claire Academy, swapping sex for survival with cops, bullies, social workers and psychologists ( men and women). And mysterious pimps who knew ‘all the right people.’

Not surprisingly, she also implicated brain washing and mind control by both the CIA and psychologists. This was in the era of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Hoaxes of the 1980-90’s. As you can see, this case was ripe for organized stalking, as the woman herself is andwas a vrtual storage locker of politiclly useful infomation, and for others, narrative reinorcement of their version of moral cause.


Famous examples of political stalking abound, especially in the FBI COINTRLPRO era. Most persons followed, harassed, and assasinated by the FBI’s extensive apparatus are literally too many to count. The main goal of these stalkings is ‘time theft,’more than any other thing. While many think that the assassinations of black leaders of the civil rights era was to stop the movement, most know this isn’t true, because genuine movements cannot be topped.

The FBI’s goal then, is to stall and slow progress, and intimidate leaders and ‘influencers’ with petty overt and covert acts, and, failing that, they resort to blatant assassination. Martin L. King, Malcolm X, and Fred Hampton of the Blak Panthers are classic examples: cut off he head, and the body will follow for a few more years.

While these cases are most obviously political and high profile, the record is less clear about the facts of hundreds of thousands of related or similar cases from that era. 

In duration, few cases of political stalking stand out more that Jean Seeburg, who the FBI literally talked to death over a period of some 20 plus years.


Cause stalking and other morality related harassment is not as easy to identify, because the element of obvious police, intelligence agency, or military presence isn’t alwys obvious. However, they re there, in the background as advisors, and planners, often lending equiptment, and the use of police auxilliary resources, and volunteer personell.

Like political stalking, there is a cause, and an intention to ‘didupt’ indiiduals, butbthe indiiduals are NOT specifically politicians.

Today, perhaps the best example is how those who derive federal funds from the domestic violence industry  are able to appeal to the community policing scheme, and hide their politics behind a cause, thus wage political behind the scenes slander campaigns.

Mot notoriously, feminists of the pre-domestic violence industry era recomended that any man accused of a crime aginst a woman be dtlked nd landered in behind the back whisper campaigns. They quickly realized the contradiction of this position: on one hand, they were seeking federal funds and police support in order to privilege the narrative that men are stalkers, and on the other hand, they themelves were stalking men!

Today, womens organizations and the ‘mosaic’of agencies non-profits, and privately funded NGO’s comprise a major category of organized stalkers, and they work together in secret to wage quasi-political domestic terror stalking campaigns.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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