“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Charging Child Sex-Trafficking Victims With Prostitution Is the Only Way to Save Them, Say California Prosecutors – Hit & Run : Reason.com



“Again, it doesn’t really sound like these “great community-based organizations” are actually “having tremendous success” helping trafficking victims if the only way people use their services is when forced by the state, but I guess we all define success differently. If all you care about is filing bodies into your program whether they want or need help or not, then getting police to force scared teens your way is a fine recruitment tack, I guess. http://reason.com/blog/2016/08/09/charging-child-sex-trafficking-victims-w


When the state and law enforcement are the pimps, everybody loses-especially child and teen prostitutes who often have history with police and other community ‘leaders.’ These laws are veiled attempts to use children caught up in the sex trade as human honeypots, pimping them in ways that only benefit the state, and alphabet agencies, many of whom are using these children for sex.

And, many who work in government and the state are in fact both pimps and johns, and clients of the sex workers. It’s the sex-trafficking heroism industries best kept secret.

Case in point: the Celeste Guaps of the world are far more common than reflected in the scandal where she has implicated police officers from seven different departments in the San Francisco Bay area.

And if the cops are in on it, the right question to ask-and considering that police are the line between law and order, the oppressed and the oppressor-the fair question to ask is: how many judges, lawyers, court representatives, child services, psychologists and social workers are they protecting?

Somehow, all of those social media monitoring software that police are using in Fusion Centers around America always miss the cops who are fucking pimping, and ‘protecting’ 12 year old girls. Palantir, Media Sonar, and many other brands of ‘free speech suppression’ tools must not be programmed with phrases like ” twelve year old piece of ass’ or ’16 year old prostitute’ or ‘those are nice penis pillows you have there, Celeste Guap. I didn’t know child prostitutes had nice penis pillows.”

These phrases, and any of a number of other ways that Fusion Centers could target and entrap police who pimp young girls and boys are just a few examples.

But social media monitoring only seems focused on those of us who bring light to these dark corners of the police mind. SO, they ALWAYS miss that ‘one bad apple,’ and those ‘rogue cops.’


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