“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Celeste Guap in a bullet proof vest

The recent outing of the name and identity of a sex trafficking survivor named Celeste Guap by law enforcement agents and agencies flies in the face the law enforcement and MSM tradition of not naming victims of sex trafficking, sex exploitation, rape, and child abuse.

Not only did Florida cops defy the traditions around naming victims, but they also used questionable tactics by treating a person who had checked in to a rehab clinic as a criminal, instead of someone who is seeking care.


Notice the padded vest on Ms. Celeste Guap, whistle blower? It is the beginning of painting her as a crazy person- after she spent half her childhood and teen years being used as a sex toy, pimped from squad cars, and ‘protected and served’ piping hot copdogs by police in the Oakland CA area.

Is there a double standard when it comes to some victims, over others? And, to anyone who follows this blog- does it seem a little odd that cops took her mugshot while she was forced to wear a bullet proof vest? This is how law enforcement literally begins psychological operations on victims of law enforcement schemes and crimes: Celeste Guap, in a bullet proof vest is surely a subtle way to let someone know they are, or will soon be “targeted.”

By who you might ask? By those who practice organized stalking of ‘targeted individuals.’

Watch this case- my money is on the fact that it will soon become a charade of nefarious law enforcement practices being covered up. Practices like online mobbing of speakers, targeting of critics, arrests of people only vaguely guilty of sticking up for a teen hooker who was passed around by cops lie a football.

And hopefully, it will raise awareness of the issue of targeted speakers being harassed with extra-legal and hidden law enforcement double standards, and corrupt practices.

Gee- how did Media Sonar not pick this case up sooner? After all, Media Sonar is the program that cops in the Oakland area use to target online free speech of activists, targeted individuals, and others. I guess some people have their PRISM wordlists all speaking pig latin, or some other gibberish.

In related news- as I post about Celeste Guap’s abuse by law enforcement agents and agencies, my WordPress interactivity becomes like a slow version of the tortoise versus the snail, and this post was delayed, and my own ability to add tags or categories was entirely blocked.

Yeah- just a coincidence, of course.


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