“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

A break in the writing. Before and after race in America, there have always been lynchings of key persons who challenge false narratives.

Darren Seals Tweeted that a squadron of detectives stalked, and surrounded him in July of 2016:

King D Seals – ‏@KingDSeals
@LegendaryQuiten8 yea 10 detectives pulled me and my 14 year old brother over, pointed guns on us, and told me “choose your enemies wisely”

10:26 PM – 24 Jul 2016

@tariqnasheed documented this, and also documented that black ‘feminists’ and their international backers sought to control his influence, and his speech.

Then, they deleted their Twitter accounts. So, blaming police alone is not so easy in these cases.


So, here at this point in the writing where I concede that I personally have had court room worthy evidence that organized stalking occurs, but no department or state wants to charge a case that involves OS in a court room-the  federal agencies, the local cops, and even rent-a-cops who do it certainly have a lot to lose, and so do the ‘comunity policing’ people. 

It is what Israelification is. Targeting the speaker, the speech, and finally, the life of that speaker to control the narrative, as documented by @triqnasheed in Los Angeles.

And one thing worth noting is that several so-called ‘mass shooters’ have had substantial ties to alternative media, and ‘influence,’ as have victims of targeted domestic assasinations ( Fred Hampton, of the 1960’s Black Panthers was indisputably assassinated because he was a spokesperson).

So, yeah-they have begun killing activists who know how they work, and who document it:

“Darren Seals became active in the protests after Michael Brown’s death, and said he was near the scene of the 2014 shooting in Ferguson.
“It wasn’t even a protest yet,” he told The Nation. “It was a black boy being shot in the community. It was about ten other women and men out there, and the family. Before it became a riot, before it became a protest, it was just the community coming together.”
Seals spoke often to the national media and co-founded a group called “Hands Up United.”
He was also with Brown’s mother on the night it was announced a grand jury had declined to indict former police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting.”

Here at this point in the writing ( my personal act of non-violent resistance to fully bloomed American fascism) I wish to point out the following:

Emmet Till, before and after encounter with #goodguys:

Kelly Thomas before, and after encounter with #goodguys:

1) All my jokes about Hillary Clinton, or her Jewish cabal of bankster financed hitmen from the Kosher Nostra murdering me are just half-assed attempts to raise awareness of corruption, and specifically corruption in America, via Israel, aka the Fourth Reich. Not tht my fear is irrational, but there are bigger dogs in the fight. And mayb, other Jewish billionaires who “fly under the radar,” financing American hit-squads, lol.

2) all my jokes about knowing, and believing that law enforcement, FBI/DHS/CIA/And or multi-jurisdiction, muti-agency task farces, and SWAT teams are illegally compiling, accessing, and using secret databases, and deploying upon the citizenry equally  nefarious,hidden practices such as organized gang stalking, and as such, are not jokes at all. They really are doing that.

And I really have been dcumenting it since 2008

3) yesterday, when anti-corruption activist Darren Seals, from Ferguson Missouri was found shot, and burned to death in his car, one peron remembered this Tweet, by Seals:

 America has now entered the neo-klan era, and I guess that guy is just lucky he wasn’t dragged out of his house by three large white men, and patsied into a headline grabbing, Israelified narrative.

4) Emmett Till was probably guilty of SOMETHING so, there’s that, too. And Kelly Thomas-well, he wasvtoo cray to take orders-and let’s just say his father was one of those ‘old fashioned’ type of non-sadist, non-testosterone charged steroidal policemen. Like tens of thosands before them, black and white men get lynched.
Then, there’s this:

Apparently, one Jewish guy in the entirety of American hitory got lynched, somewhere in the South. You cn look it up on Wikipefi. And probably, hlf a librry shelf somewhere has books on it.

But Jews getting lynched, tortured, burned, or otherwise harmed for challenging false narratives of the status quo in America, are o extremely rare, that the fact is statistically not even admissible into evidence.

Afterthought: I bet Palantir, Media Sonar, and the shitload of cops, Fusion Center trolls, and LEIU  bullies who monitor this as I type prolly won’t find a case I

in the evidence presented above, because they’re too buy monitoring my ‘sentiment,’ which they will later use as another vector of attack on my pristine narrative.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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