“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

The Toxic Mix Of Feeble Minds And Terrorism (Again)


Is it just me noticing, or is the FBI exploiting “mentally retarded” people like common LEO’s now?!? What does predation,  cowardice, bullying, and exploitation look like in YOUR neighborhood? ( hint: it’s not just me noticing now)

September 12, 2016 (Mimesis Law) — In an investigation led by the FBI, an Alabama District attorney charged a mentally retarded teenager with terrorism charges. But on September 8, 2016, a St. Clair County Circuit Judge found him not guilty by reason of mental defect. The insanity (no pun intended) finally came to an end for Peyton J. Pruitt, as reported by AL.com:
Pruitt was arrested Nov. 13, 2015, charged with soliciting support for a terrorist act.
At a December hearing, witnesses described Pruitt as a “child” – a teenager with an IQ in the 50s who cannot tie his own shoes, soils his clothes, has little verbal skills and lacks the ability to distinguish reality from fantasy.
Yet a St. Clair County investigator then testified that the FBI determined Pruitt used the Internet to communicate with what he believed were representatives of the Islamic State and the Pakistani Taliban, and that he told an FBI agent that he provided links to encrypted information on car bombs, pressure cooker bombs and suggested high value targets for acts of terrorism.
A May mental evaluation found Pruitt has a mental defect and is “not a danger to himself or the community.”
Peyton was charged under an Alabama statute that forbids “soliciting or providing support for an act of terrorism.” A few things before moving forward. One, it’s very rare for the feds to spearhead an investigation – of terrorism of all things – and not end up being the ones charging the purported perp. Local law enforcement’s involvement in a federal case usually ends when the feds use a few local cops to barge into that perp’s house at 6 a.m.
Deux, the Alabama statute has no mens rea requirement, as the word “knowingly” is absent, and all it takes for someone to be charged is a “total value of material support” of over $1K. So the bar is already set low for the prosecution, but when was the last time a Bible Belt Congressman argued for a more stringent requirement for a statute that has the word “terrorism” in it? That poor sap would be tarred and feathered inside the state’s Capitol.
This is a case that reeks of paranoia that began with Peyton’s father being bullied questioned inside the local station, and Peyton talking to the cops without a lawyer or his parents present:
Peyton was wary during the interview. When asked if he knew what a lawyer was, he said he wasn’t sure. After signing away his right to an attorney, he was asked whether he knew a person named Usamah Anthony, based on records related to the case. The question made Peyton uncomfortable, and he froze under the pressure, drinking two bottles of water instead of responding.
Meanwhile, a team of FBI agents searched Tony’s house—with his permission—atop a hill on a nine-acre pasture and wooded property five miles away, a converted mobile home set into a cement foundation. Tony says they confiscated Cassady’s iPad, three household laptops, a PlayStation, two toy swords, and a paperback copy of Inside ISIS by journalist Benjamin Hall found on top of a dusty bookshelf.
Peyton’s interview stretched on for four hours. When he was finally reunited with Tony, an agent informed them that the Sheriff was taking over the case and that Peyton was under arrest for providing support for an act of terrorism. They had evidence, the agent claimed, that Peyton had sent bomb-making instructions to someone he thought was a member of ISIS. Tony put his head in his hands and began to cry…..

….connect the dots-follow the link above to learn more!


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