“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

FBI Takes Over Investigation Into Seaside Park  Blast.« CBS NewYork


FBI BUDGET REQUEST FISCAL YEAR 2016: $8, 480, 000, 000 ( $8.48 billion)

RETURN TO TAXPAYER:  a couple retarded people ho were tlked into some nebulous ‘plot,’ a few ‘crazed mass hooters’ that were in extenive contact, bring ‘handled’  by law enforcement and the FBI for YEARS before they ‘just went off’; and a couple of well placed Public Relations tools called pressure cookers.

Alongbwith the 8.48 billion, the Corportion also derives a hefty chunk of benefits from the overall Daddy Warbucks scheme known as the Federal Reserve, in the form of loans taken out in mine, and your names. And freedom. And “the children,” OF COURSE!

FY 2016 Budget Request Overview
The FY 2016 budget request proposes a total of $8.48 billion in direct budget authority to address the FBI’s highest priorities. The request includes a total of $8.4 billion for salaries and expenses, supporting 35,037 permanent positions (13,074 special agents, 3,083 intelligence analysts, and 18,880 professional staff), and $68.9 million for construction. Two program enhancements totaling $20 million are proposed: $10.3 million to increase cyber investigative capabilities, and $9.7 million to leverage Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise (IC ITE) components and services within the FBI.
The FY 2016 request includes the cancellation of $120 million from Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) excess surcharge balances and $91.4 million in non-recurred spending ($50.4 million in the salaries and expenses account and $41 million in the construction account).
Overall, the FY 2016 request represents a net increase of $47 million over the FY 2015 enacted levels, representing an increase of $88 million for salaries and expenses and a decrease of $41 million for construction.

UPDATE: the bomber was cught sleeping in a bar room doorway. Turn out, his parents had sued the city in 2011 for organized mobbing, and harassment.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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