“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Minnesota is fertile ground for covertly orchestrated social panics and false flags like St Cloud: Remember the Satanic Abuse Hoax of the 80’s? Yup. It was Minnesota’s federal-cash cow-and it was Made in Minnesota.

Police Chief: St. Cloud Crossroads Mall Stabber Mentioned Allah, Asked Victim if He Was Muslim – http://heavy.com/news/2016/09/st-cloud-mall-isis-minnesota-stabbing-allah-muslim-islam-terrorism-terorist-attack-stabbing-crossroads-stabber-mass-shopping-center/

I bet when you hear ‘dometic violence’ you think about a po’ white woman like Hillary and all she has suffered bringing peace to the Middle East? But don’t forget-domestic violence is a double entendre’- these people are what endless war looks like, and tey are waging it here in America, in incidents like this.

Who wants to bet that the box-cutter guy was being folloed, durveilled, and hrssed by the off duty cop ho killed him? My money is on that-watch and wait for that guy to come out of hiding ( he has completely ducked the press so far). I wanna be the first to ask : where ere you in the days, hours nd minutes leading up to the event?

Then, I would ask him to unlock his phone so we the people could check location data. Same with the situation Iin Bston Rouge- none of these guys are acting ‘alone.’


Minnesota is like, a sociologists wet dream, and doubly gooey if that sociolgist studies the orchestration and crisis creation industry there. Crisis PR was practically born there.

Minnesota social panic checklist ( from which the state, and the Domestic Violence INDUSTRY derives hundreds of millions in federal bankster buck$$$)

1) Satanic Ritual Abuse: Big, huge CHECK.

-Minnesota and its bureaucrats were key players in the SRA hoaxes of the 1980’s and 90’s, where so-called ‘progressive’ cops, social workers, lawyers and judges used SRA as a way to unseat Republicans, and slander Democrats alike. The scandal was so widely debunked that the tactics and techniques of the hoaxers are used as textbook cases, much like the cases in journalism of fraud, plagiarism, and confbulation. But the hysteria was itself an effective tool of social engineering, and perpetuation of stranger danger myth.

2) Pornography hurts women! Multiple checks, in all the ‘wrong’ bank accounts

-Minnesota had the dual honor of welcoming the Stanley and Ollie of anti-pornography, sex-hurts-all-women gender-lesbian tagteam of Andrea Dworkin and Catherinne MacKinnon, two of the most toxic, misandry spewing man-haters the western world has ever known. Their main claim was that pornography hurts the tax base, because men would rather jerk off, or visit hookers, than deal with the voracious appetites of international feminists, and  Jewish-Catholic fascists like them. Those feminists financed-of course!-by ‘mystery money’and shady dual nationality billionaires. And, men like war criminal Henry Kissinger, of course ( down with the patriarchy!-they screamed, while propping up Kissingers putz with lip service).

Andrea Dworkin was an especially troubling case, considering that he was simultaneously claiming to be a battered woman in the Netherlands, while in the exct time frame, in Minneapolis, eating at Porky’s on University Ave, and picketing Ferris Alexanders porn shop ( which ironically , was surrounded by fertile Myrtles who were mad that men walked by them, and into brothels and porn shops instead)

3) Racism/ neo-Naxi’s/Rise of the Right Wing terrorists! Check, Check, Check.

-despite Minnesota feminists and academics, and ‘progressives’ decrying racism, these same built and maintain to this day the largest for-profit prison system in the hitory of written history. And-you guessed it-they filled these prisons with brown, tan, and dirty white men. And, these same Progressives completely undermined the Democratic party, and like a worm in the head f a cricket, steered JEWS! CATHOLCS! AND OTHERS into the lemming lane of identity politics, utilizing the propaganda stream, ethnicity and racism in ways Goebbels would envy.

4)  The al Qeada Menace! F@cking Yuuuuge CHECK.  

-Minnesota has the distinction of having one ( exactly one) agent that attempted to warn the Corporate Career Center in the headquarters of the FBI that ‘al Qeada'( which we now know was Prince Bandwagon, and all the Saudi money that financed the hijackers, te Bushes who buggered with them, and the Obamacrats who hopped on- and all the ‘ cuz we know more than you’ heros who looked the other way while cashing in on it) was training at American flight schools. Tere is no irony lost in the fact that today, the FBI creates Somali plots, while scooping up phone signals from airplanes above the Twin Cities. The cities are the Corporations prime ‘mentally ill Somali recruitment capital of America’

So-word to St. Clouds police chief: ask the FBI for the guys phone and internet records. Ask for copies of StingRay collection logs in, at, around, or near this guys house. Ask his friends and associates about trange conversations with strangers who approached them in the hours, days, weeks-yers before this conveniently now-deceased person allegedly did what he did.

And look to see who was putting the squeeze on him. Yup-the usual suspects, there in Minnesota, the prime jihadi training ground of the CORPORATION! et al. I bet most of that guys problems started when he bucked recruitment by ‘gang stalkers’ in Minnesota.


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We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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