“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Firefighter Arsonists: Stopping the Problem at the Door of the Firehouse – Fire Engineering

Profiling the firefighter arsonist can be stymied by official false narrtives, and #goodguy tropes

Many who complain that they are or have been gang stalked, report that firemen and women are part of the organized effort and hidden crime, and despite any researchersdesire to uphold the #goodguy narrative, one thing is certain: many major fires are started by firemen-and the make work climate of anti-terrorism has the #goodguys cranking up the hysteria, despite actual threat, and creating crime.

So what else to do with the time? Yup….organize something…like….gang stalking, mebbe.

From Fireengineering.com


07/04/2010 By John K. Murphy, Esq. and Beth L. Murphy, MA

We are all appalled by the recent spate of fires being set by firefighters, most notably reported in the news, volunteer firefighters. In recent news events, we read with increasing frequency that our own firefighters are starting fires, which in some instances kill citizens. Some examples in the public record follow: 

When a volunteer firefighter got lost after drinking into Saturday morning at St. Gabriel’s Lodge in West Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania, he got mad and started setting fires along his path, authorities said. When local firefighters arrived to hose down the flames at a neighbor’s shed, Charles Sluzenski, who had found his way back to his mother’s house, dashed drunkenly forth in full firefighting gear and asked to help

A volunteer firefighter was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for setting a fire that killed a mother and three of her children, an arson that prosecutors said was the firefighter’s attempt to look like a hero. 

A firefighter with the Lake Township (IN) Volunteer Fire Department has been charged with two counts of arson in connection with two March structure fires in Newton County.

State police arrested a fourth volunteer firefighter from Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, in a series of arsons that caused more than $2 million damage. In addition, troopers said two more people would be charged today in connection with the nine fires that were set between Sept. 30 and Jan. 23 in Washington, Wayne, West Brunswick, and East Brunswick townships in Schuylkill County.

A New London (CT) judge refused to reduce the sentence of a probationary firefighter who torched three houses in Mystic in the summer of 2008 to impress his colleagues. The Judge sentenced the 23-year-old Groton man to 14 years in prison and five years probation. She told him he was lucky he had not killed a firefighter or the people in the two occupied homes he had set afire.

 This article explores the reasons or motivations behind firefighters setting fires and what is missing in the recruitment, hiring, testing, and training process that allows these individuals to become members of our profession.

….follow the link above for more, including firefighter arsonists profiles!

Related Story: 

When Rodney Alcala, the Los Angeles serial murderer, torturer, and pedophile rapist was finally convicted, no one in their right mind could say that was a bad thing. Especially in small towns near my own-where Alcala dumped the body of one of his many rape and torture victims, 12-year-old Robin Samsoe.

But in the discussion of organized occult versus individual evil, and as germane to motive of organized gang talkers, historians often point to the Eichmann effect: that Adolph Eichmann, one of the architects of the Holocaust, in and of himself was fairly average, innocuous even-that he himself did not appear to be evil.

In the now fully emergent era of completely suspicionless, unwarranted, chronic and pervasive surveillance, some Americans are beginning to ask ‘how did we slip off the slippery slopes,’ and let our Constitution become a mockery?

Maybe, it was where rape hysteria and false narratives collided.

One scholar, after 9/11 noted that the Little Eichmanns of the world all got together, labored together-broke bread, and, maybe,  started big fires together. That, under the rubrik of #goodguyism, getting bad guys means that you ‘do whtever you have o do on that day’ to take a #badguy down. After all, one less pedophile, one less rapist, one more good chance your kid makes it home tonight.

Under that rubrik, society spares no expense, and does whst it has to do. Whih, in this cse, pre-empively kills hundreds of housands of kids across the ocean, several millions f mothers, fthers grandfthers over there- so #badguys don’t rape a kid here.

Seems legit… until you realze tht these #goodguys ould, could-and might even do that to your kd if you don’t shut up about it.

In the Alcala case, it was a Forest Service firefighter, Dana Crapp, who provided the key testimony that put Alcala behind bars. The only problem is-she claims to have seen the murderer walking the victim into the hills, but he said nothing.

She claims to ave come back the next day, and seen the killer there again.

She told no one.

Days later, while in the same spot, she claims she saw the corpse ravaged by wild animals! Missing an arm.

She said nothing, again.

And, her testimony only got more bizarre after that. More waiting, more not telling: tampering with the crime scene, picking up, and pockting, then throwing away bullet casings-you know the drill, dont you?  It’s n offiial script, full of holes tht even hypnotism can’t cover.Well-read up on that, here.

But for my part, I see a LOT  of things, and cannot tell the #goodguys about it, because they sometimes start fires for profit, and quite often, frame narratives, and people too.

Links: Do firefighters start fires? Yup, about 100 firefighters arrested every year. Here sre ome links-note how the New York Times calls this a ‘phenomenon,’ and a ‘myth,’-but firemen themselves call it a real problem!

National Volunteer Fire Counsel says 100 per year

Firefighter Arson

One firefighter, 13 fires


Nyt disinfo says firefighter fires are an urban legend

Scientific Study of institutional sociopaths and psychopaths ‘ponerology.’

 Cost to operate a four man firefighter crew near San Diego: two million dollars per year



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