“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Institutional Psychopaths, and the trend of crisis managers framing the narrative: ‘the internet’ conspiracy needs to be silenced!

Psychopaths in positions of power have been at the forefront of destruction since time immemorial. We are living through a special period of history where we are just starting to realise the implications of having such individuals and groups directing the lives of the global population. There is no greater knowledge humanity can have than to know the presence, behaviour and methods of the psychopath in daily life and on the international scene.

In one sense, there is no such thing as good or evil. I don’t mean to imply that moral relativism has a place in our world. But these qualities could be said to be expressions of ancient beliefs seeking to understand reality by highlighting our need to choose. If we were to experiment with our existence and view ALL manifestations of life as intrinsically good, then the evil wouldn’t necessarily disappear but would be seen, literally, in a different light with its power for dominance withheld. Meantime, understanding the dynamics of evil is the greatest protection one can give oneself and one’s family and friends. The profound implications of cultivating awareness of psychopathy and how it continues to shape our perceptions has yet to be fully grasped. The application of new cerebral band-aids to any spark of illumination regarding the psychopath and his behaviour has characterised the most disastrous periods of history. Flares of progress do occur, yet a comprehensive change in humankind’s willingness to awaken from what can only be described as a learned psychosis has not been forthcoming.
On the one hand, there is a growing awareness of how important is the subject of psychopathy and its effects on societies’ development. We are witnessing a flourishing creativity and connectivity between people sharing new forms of knowledge on the subject, mostly thanks to the internet. The quest for Truth is on the rebound once again. However, parallel to that welcome change, the spectre of ignorance and the refusal to see threatens to overcome us once more, as it has many times throughout history. It seems new generations of children are being born into a world that is experiencing a psychological devolution of extraordinary proportions. It is nothing more than a battle for the survival of Truth, Light, Love and Goodness taking place through us, a reality that is being reflected everywhere in the external world. Whether we acquiesce to darkness and the refusal to see, will define the quality of our future. Indeed, it is my own relationship to that realisation, among many other factors, that prompted me to create this blog.
In recent years, the subject of psychopaths in power has begun to bleed through into collective awareness, most obviously on the internet and thanks to pioneers like Hervey Cleckley, Martha Stout, Robert Hare and most importantly Polish clinical psychologist Andrzej M. Łowbaczweski and his new book finally published by Red Pill Press titled Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes (2006) the concepts of which form the bedrock of this blog.
Łowbaczweski’s treatise on psychopathy and related categories of pathology has in my view, done more to elevate the neglected field of psychopathy than any other book today. As a result of the increasingly illogical and bizarre behaviour of our global leaders and the many rapid changes taking place in societies at this time, journalists, academics and the lay public are being introduced to the deeper causes of our seemingly intractable socio-political problems.
To truly understand just how deeply the machinations of the psychopath have penetrated social constructs, most particularly in the modern West, we must take a broad look at many of the places psychopathy has lain undisturbed, hiding behind apparently democratic and well-intentioned ideologies. These have gradually been so eroded within, so infected by the psychopath’s touch that the original ideas have been completely reversed so that only the label or signposts of the initial intent remains. We are at a stage now where we are so inured in the top-down influence of psychopathic discourse that we seem to be suffering from a mass case of Stockholm Syndrome, where we come to love our authoritarian masters and government dictates as the only pathway to comfort and freedom, despite the painful lessons of history. Psychopaths are also masters of adaptation and create new systems of control to subvert and pre-empt our natural will to autonomy, independence, cooperation and most importantly – critical thinking.


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