“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

ENOUGH ROOM: Cindy Goldman, Murder Victim

http://enoughroom.blogspot.com/2012/03/cindy-goldman-murder-victim.html While the main stream media keeps a tight tinfoil cap on the issue of gang stalking, there are real victims. Some are murdered, some go on a rampage, and some commit suicide. The great majority of them struggle to be believed.

In the most common sense approach, a genuine fourth estate question arises: in THESE cases-the murdered, the suicided, and the rampagers-is there a common thread? But o fr, MM ha hosen the preictble pth-te one handed to them by ‘wherever it is’ that discrediting narratives eminte from.

And the easy answer is always to note that FFCHS, and one Derrick Robinson  are central to many of these events.

Each person affected by these deaths has a story to tell, an anecdote that could supply any genuine investigator with  piece of the puzzle.

I didn’t personally know  Cindy Goldman, but in researching her death at the hands of someone who had moved into her home ( which fits the well known pattern of ‘perp moved in/ moved next oor’ that many victims discuss online), I did notice tht dhe is connected by one degree to Bruno Marchessani in San Francisco.

Here is a link to a document that supports this.

America is currently under the influence of deep state control thst utilizes secret, illgal databases aka ‘dossiers’ to manipulate and control people. This picture is from a presentation tht discussed the DEA/CIA database tht collected millions of phone numbers of US citizens, and which was used to create cases in secret, without warrants. When it was discovered that this dstbase was being used to parallell construct fake cases, the DEA destroyed the data, and shielded many agencies from lawsuits. Just like in “The Shield.”

Bruno allegedly killed himself in 2012, but not after Rena Vettleson apprently moved to San Francisco, where it is alleged that she killed herself, after making contact with Marchessani. He later commented on her blog, before apparently killing himself.

I actually DID know RENA VETTLESON, albeit briefly. She claimed she had spoken out with unpopular ideas in a college class room at the University of Minnesota. Then, her harssment by unknown assailants began. 

Some evidence indicates that MINNESOTA is a hotbed of gang stalking.

So, the research into gang stalking should, in the very least, reference these facts above. Is gang stalking a false flag? Is it a ‘phenomenon’ or a ‘delusion?’

This one series of  connetion-and many more can be made-this one connection can verify at least three deaths, which are tied to other deaths, of real human beings.


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