“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

What IS a “black bag job?” Anatomy of an illegal, warrant-less break-in, with photos.

What is a black bag job? A black bag job is when agents of the state perform, or otherwise participate in or commission an illegal, warrant-less search and theft mission on someones home, office, or other location without a proper warrant signed by a judge. Black bag jobs are notorious in the world of organized stalking, aka gang stalking, and also in political campaigns, and intelligence agency lore.

But very few take the time to set a trap and capture these operations and their operators in progress. In today’s America, where the Constitution is under prolonged attack by agents of the state who seek to morph the laws and the precedents of the Supreme court by waging hidden, back door ‘crisis PR’ campaigns in the eyes and ears of stakeholders, behind closed doors, secretly unfolding dossiers’ of illegally obtained evidence before secret social engineers such as judges, police, community organizations and more.  It is imperative upon justice that citizens learn to document, and expose this level of corruption.

As we currently live in a pervasive climate of entrapments, and mock justice of all kinds, it is important that the citizen learn to set traps themselves, in  order to scially engineer the exposure of te criminals working within the state: non-violent, rights aware, passive honeypots, honeynets, social engineering experiments,and actual situational and documentary scenarios such as the one that follows.

Here are a few snapshots of a “black bag job” in progress, from 2010. These images were captured with a hidden camera disguised as an alarm clock, which was aimed at a door, which had been previously broken into in another black bag job operation.


The homeowner leaves the house at 1:16 p.m.


The door opens at 3:11 p.m.


The door has been breached by a locksmith who uses lock picking tools


Operator One, the locksmith, checks his work at 3:12 p.m., signals to his co-actors that all is breached


The bagman cometh at 3:12 p.m: Operator Two enters, and checs the window to make sure he is covered by other operators.  Note the printless, anti-static ‘socks’ on his hands, and also, the identifying tee-shirt which in the modern organized stalking rubric, identified his ‘team.’. Also note that the door is closed as they begin to operate.


3:17 p.m., note the black bag. This is why it is called a “black bag job.” try not to laugh at how predictable it all is.


Note the light streaming from the door. You can imagine the dialogue ” Hey ( guy tips is hat brim here comes Gamma! Here comes Tango!” or whatever that localities sooper seekrit word is for a targeted person.

In these black bag jobs, those responsible have usually breached the door more than once, in order to take evidence, place evidence, or merely unsettle a target of their illegal covert operation. In these cases, they are very precise, and most often have observe the targeted environment for days, months or even years in order to ascertain a schedule of comings and goings, or to otherwise get a feel on the situation on the ground.

So, in the example above, notice that this operation s performed with theoreticallly surgical timing, taking place in minutes.

However, one thing that is seldom accounted for in the schema of lllegal black bag operations is that the citizen is in fact the operator, and is, in fact, also obseving the threat/s posed by warrantless surveillance state agents.

In these cases, smile, gang stalking scum: you’re on candid camera!

( Note: most of the photos that identify these operators were turned over to a lawyer. I have not intentionally withheld their identities, but merely do not possess the identifying photos at the time of this writing.)


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