“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Propaganda Studies: Get those pimps! “Backpage CEO arrested, accused of running “world’s top online brothel” “| Ars Technica

The framing effect is an example of cognitive bias, in which people react to a particular choice in different ways depending on how it is presented; e.g. as a loss or as a gain.[1] People tend to avoid risk when a positive frame is presented but seek risks when a negative frame is presented.[2] Gain and loss are defined in the scenario as descriptions of outcomes (e.g. lives lost or saved, disease patients treated and not treated, lives saved and lost during accidents, etc.)

-WikiPedia, cuz its handy

Related Story: There are between 11 and 30 million undocumented workers in the US, and only one million sex workers. Why do our agencies and institutions focus on sex-and why now, in the election year where a white female is running for President?

Selling sex is marginally profitable to sex workers. Policing sex, the narrative of human sexuality, and the moral crisis industry that regulates it, and orchetrates or intigates moral panic about it is a billions of dollars per year industry, financed by you, the tax payer.

Framing the pimp is easier than indicting moral police who profiteer off of the narrative of “It’s for the children.” It’s as if somehow, after our country was led down the dark alley of perpetual war-war that has killed, maimed, and poisoned well over half a million kids- we must somehow validate the domestic boogieman narrative, without ever being called to court to defend such an abomination.

As if, somehow, someone must pay! Pay or what you ask? To pay for the 6.8 millionn dollars per minute that it costs this country to keep up the apparatus of such self-interested myth making? No, of course not-the boogieman is real ( sound of the social responsibility for dead kids overseas hitting your doorstep, dropped there by an academic, a book seller, a bomb makers wife, or a policeman chasing down an ‘anonymous’ Fusion Center ‘tip’ from an anonymous milk carton at the Center for Missing and Exploited Narratives).

The simple fact is, that the myths of child prostitution and sexual abuse thrive during ‘wartime,’so succesfully, that it is both an institution, and an industry-and those who profit work within the same. But it’s not an industy in the traditional sense of industry-there re no factories, no products per se. But rather, the industry is one of propaganda, one of crisis mnufacture, crisis narration, tenured positions that pay per student indoctrinated, books sold, websites clicked;  and then, one of policing the manufactured crisis.

Some get paid per entrapment, others get paid per publicity placement, andvthen, hand the states the bill, with no end in sight. Forty wars from now, some kid somewhere will be dying, and someone next door will be saying ‘such a heavy price to pay’ when another father loses another child to an idealized marriage of feminism and policing.

Nope. It’s not my bill to pay. I haven’t made a dime off a dead, kidnapped, or pimped out kid. Have you?

Arrest the Pimps! A Kantian Imperative, from the Kantish Minds of Feminist Jurisprudence.


Feminist jurisprudence is one hot sloppy mess of contradictions that on one hand, have enabled the much needed rights of women in the workplace, the military, and the social sphere, while on the other hand, keeping women under the control of the most petty, brutish, bullying and perverse women that society has to offer-the morality pimps, the #fakerape hoaxers, and the outright pathological sociopaths amongst us, whose sole interest is protecting their own biases and anxieties from insight. 

Biases like race, class, and gender are prime numbers in feminist theory-but lookism and ageism are te prime motivators of this version of feminism. And nothing pisses feminists and international bankers more than some guy with empty pockets nattering away on young women-because the collusion between these two groups is such that they think they should get first dibs on’em. After all, they paid for them, in advance, right? Don’t think your daughter is yours-she belongs to the village they sre building, and that takes money.

The owner of Backpge.com has been arrested for pimping. In propaganda studies, and feminist jurisprudence, what matters is that a white, male face appears next to the word pimp, in an election year; in October.

This is the uneven playing field of today’s fully devolved quasi-police state where true sociopaths work behind the scenes, hidden from the vote, hidden from the court rooms ( or often, having stacked the deck in advance, one judge at a time), hidden fom public view, to create moral impertives based in horrible lies, and using even more horrible hidden practices. These not only conspire against established law, due process, or even reasonable persons judgement, but have devised nearly perfect, hidden systems of social control from which they wage wars of attrition-for all the years to come.

But it Starts With Narrative Control: First, you create the haystack…

Feminism, long laboring under the idea of patriarchy, in fact merely acts as the arbiter-the pimp, if you will- of the next morality; the next interntional banker to buy in to America, and exploit our people. And as we know ( because feminists told us so) all power is in mens hands. Becuse we know with certinty tht the new banksters tht replaced the old banksters are patriarchal:

1) Saudi’s are so patriarchal, they chop mens hands off for even thinking about touching a woman, and Saudi women don’t drive cars.They import little white girls from the Ukraine, and keep them in harems. 

2) Israeli’s still take pride in lineage that stretches back via Kohanim,via covert syanim,  while preaching sexual liberation for non-Jewish girls ( white slavery, control of the porn industry, etc.)  while their own wives wear straw wigs, and make nice honey apples for holidays, like well trained Betty Crocker’s! And, the kosher nostra controls the sex trade in Rusian prostitutes from Hong Kong to Toronto, LA to Mexico City.

3) Chinese are an interesting case, because Chinese women are more liberated than any-they drive dump truck, wearing high heels. And the Chinese economy is a combination of communist rule turning a blind eye to rampant free market libertarinism, while turning a blind eye to prostitution.Regardless, their male leaders are strong, and learned sometime around 1915 how well female Emperors did with the country (! With a little help from the British, flooding China with opium).

These are just a few of our bankster bosses-the ones courted by feminists. And it is these bosses-America’s new patriarchs, that are influencing our public policy-it is these same who turn a blind eye to the Jeffrey Epsteins of our nation, while prosecuting black street pimps to the fullest extent of the law. 

The Patriarchy of the WASP’s Meets the Preying Mantis of the Women’s Interntionale’: “But what about white men?”

 I for one don’t buy the feminist argument that pimps are the problem-at least not the street pimps, who often are as stretched thin and under the gun as any woman out there selling her body. In the landmark study Conflict and Agency Among Sex Workers and Pimps, on child prostitution and the prevalence of pimps in the industry; a study where academics actually hit the streets, rather than do online polling, or crisis center or women run shelters that incentivize false reporting via PR blurbing, it was found that not only are the crisis engineers deceptive in their grossly over-stated narrative of epidemic child prostitution, but that

“Pimps, too, failed to fit the stereotypical mold. “We were told pimps were not approachable because they were too dangerous and didn’t want to talk,” Marcus told me. “But all they wanted to do was talk, talk, talk—that’s what they do for a living.” Many pimps referred the researchers to their sex workers if they approached them in the right way, no cuts on the face required. (In addition to interviewing pimps in Atlantic City, the researchers spoke with 85 male pimps working in New York.) One pimp told them that going after underage girls constituted “pimp suicide,” not because it makes pimps vulnerable to harsh anti-trafficking laws, but because “teenage prostitutes don’t earn enough money,” Marcus says. In Atlantic City, they found, “those who first entered when over 18 years of age reported being approached by a pimp at nearly twice the rate of those whose entry occurred when they were minors.” And while some pimps boasted about exerting control over “their” sex workers, the women working with them told a different story. One sex worker named Diamond says that she had led her pimp to believe that he had initiated her into sex work, though she had been working for some time. She did it in order to hold up her pimp’s “narrative of hypermasculine enticement and feminine vulnerability,” as the researchers put it. Says Marcus: “It’s like when you listen to couples debating about who made the move on who.”

In fact, it is these feminist jurisprudents that are themselves profiteering off of the false narrative of human suffering, using a slippery, butwell oiled sliding scale of middle class, primarily white female pedagogy to conflate apples with apple sauce, while hand feeding banksters gooey-hot S’mores made around a Girl Scout campfire. 

In the case of Jeffrey Epstein, we sw the machine at work: Clinton donor pimps actual underaged girls, from his actual house, who were actually  underaged, and the FBI uts him a deal-he gets a year of house rrest, and keeps the house. 

For these ghosts in the hidden machine of narrative construction, the appearance of morality begins and ends at whatever sucker they can pull from the lowest ranks, and smear on the front page of a newspaper after entrapping him in one of their millions of nefarious plots aginst law and conscience, while they do Chinese splits behind closed doors, for whatever cash they can court from new patriarchs, with the assitnce nd approval of the institutions of power, and especilly so-called law enforcement agents, who get a cut of the sex trafficking pie either way.

In the 1960’s feminism, it was nearly a rite of passage to decry the patrirchy of the WASP’s. The eponimous White Anglo Saxon Protestant was the bane to the jut thn beginning to boom identity politics movement. No one gave a second thought to the inherent racism at the time. And the term itself was one that hite men in power barely knew-it wasn’t in their vernacular; they could not conceive of it’s racially divisive meaning at the time. And they could not conceive of how that term would be used to destroy, mdisable, and disenfranchise their sons; their grandsons, and so on.

Fast forward to the 80’s. Then, the private prison system was a swetheart deal overseen by a Southern Republican.It grew to become the go-to tool of thst era’s feminism.


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