“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Dictionary of Terminology


library: a place where books, knowledge, and other sources of information are kept. Also a lang term in the online internet community that ‘perpetrators’ disguising themselves and their narratives use to indicate fusion center activity, or to signal others that they are agents. 

The blog neverending1.wordpress.com from Clark County NV is one such example. Using pseudonyms like ‘Gladys’, ‘Yellow Perch’ ‘Raven’ and ‘Scott Snitzer’ this blog serves as a psychological operation designed to harass individuals. The pseudonyms above are classic examples of police or other gents poing as persons they are not. The nym ‘ScottSnitzer’ is especially intereting because that individual has a record of sex offense, while the nym Gladys is tied to to a man from Chicago who is currently in pison, etc.

Also, in some cases, targeted individuals are forced from their homes ( a very common scenario in this community) and then, use public libraries to attempt to get a shred of privacy, which, as we now know thanks to Edward Snowden, isn’t possible online anymore, and quadruple that with targeted persons.

progressives:Interntionally funded groups, non-profits, NGO’s and super PAC’s ( sjw’s), and other people who work within groups, and institutions and organizations with the stated goal of advancing an incrementalist agenda. Often they are inseparable online from Fabian Society cultits, Nazi propagandists, or communist dogmtics. They are known to practice trance formation, and re healy saturated with Jewish beliefs, and frequently, guilt Catholic apologists.

pop culture: a term of art in propaganda that denotes consumer driven market place opportunities for certain international capitalists and multi-national conglomerates that co-opt local cultural music, art, ideas, and other expressive forms of culture, at the expense of local populations in the host nation.

propaganda: information comprised of topical facts and opinions, interlaced with directed, focused and intense disinformation, misinformation, and biased information, with the purpose of influencing consumers. May or may not be based in the science of influence and mind control. As an information source, it has the stated purpose of influence, manipulation, distortion and domination through influence upon cultures, cultural myths, pre-existing history, and known facts, by creating, recreating, or distorting known facts, symbols, and artifacts of culture.

culture:there is no agreed upon definition of culture in sociology,anthropology, psychology, or any of the other so called sciences.any literature, anywhere. However, culture can be see as transactions between humans of common symbols with commonly accepted meanings of their symbology.  Shared symbolic meaning can include cultural artifacts as simple as a word, or as complex as the interpreted meaning of a song ( the best example in recent history that demonstrates this concept is perhaps the song “Strange Fruit”).  Meaning can also be displayed in song, rhythm, nuances of either and more.

Cultural artifacts: items that signify a culture and its specific cultural signifiers. A pirate hat, an anonymous mask, a ballet tutu, a vase, a pot, or some pot.All and more are cultural artifacts.

Agenda: an ordered series of steps that have a beginning and an expected end point, wherein accomplishments are expected to be achieved.

feminism: internationally funded domestic violence directed at local tribes, communities, nations, with the stated purpose of ‘advancing women’ and ‘protecting women’ from the authorities and the patriarchs of their communities.

police brutality:coercion, intimidation, threats of violence or use of force outside of the written scope, spirit, intention, and purpose of the laws governing the use of these forms of violence from a law enforcer or other.

organized stalking: a hidden but well organized campaign of social, political, economic, and emotional terror waged upon an individual in secret, by two or more assailants. It is notably different because of the feature that it is organized- meaning that it is non-random, targeted, orchestrated, has goals and purposes, and features that are identifiable across incidents.

-While many organized stalking campaigns claim a legitimate basis in law, i.e. an official police investigation, they can also be waged by churches, community organizations, and particularly and most significantly, involve fraternal and sorority organizations like the Fraternal Order of Police, the Rotary Clubs, and even the Jewish Federation.

-Organized stalking in a formal sense usually signifies to insiders that the investigation/stalking has its basis as a primary claim that it is investigating organized crime or a specific criminal. On the other hand, those terrorized by it seldom know what it is or who is doing it. Recent movements to bring this to light have encountered threats from within government and law enforcement, but have discovered that taking names, badge numbers, identifying data, as well as films and photographs is important to identify the assailants.

gang stalking: This term gained currency in the last decade during the ‘war on terror’ as over-funded gang strike forces that were formed during were forced to utilize their excess resources to combat ordinary people, political dissidents, and occasionally even petty crimes and criminals.

-Most notorious of these is the case of Ramsey Orta, who photographed the murder of Eric Garner. Shortly after the murder of Garner, Orta was followed, harassed, his phones and other electronics were tapped without warrant, his family members were arrested, and he too, was eventually arrested under duress.”Grand Jury Indict One Person Involved in Eric Garners Shooting-the Man Who Filmed It

-The case of Jeff Pataky, a blogger known for the blog “ Bad Phoenix Cops”  documented police abuses in Arizona, and then endured seven years of continuous harassment that left him nearly homeless, and broke.

-three mass shooters have now claimed to be victims of gang stalking. Myron May, Aaron Alexis,and Gavin Long, aka Cosmo Setpenra all said they were being followed, harassed, and somehow, targeted.

multi-stalking: when multiple agencies, organizations, and others combine to stalk and harass individuals. Use of this indicates that the target is a high priority and a threat to the basis of the ’cause’ of the stalkers.

-Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, and many more whistleblowers find themselves in this category

cause stalking: simply defined as ‘just because’ they can, but generally also involves some ideological component, such as the well known cases ranging from the complex such as those of the Scientology, Freemasons, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Anti Defamation League, or the relatively simple, such as the case of the fire chief harassing a couple who bought a home that he wanted to buy.

ISIS: Israeli Sectarian Intelligence Services; Israeli Secret Intelligence Service; a goddess of ancient Egypt and  Mesopotamia

occult: simply, that which cannot be seen or that which has been hidden or obscured.There are no actual devils, just people and institutions who do really shitty things, and hide it well.

police occult practices: no, they don’t walk around in warlock robes at Bohemian Grove. BUT, they do use all kinds of electronic devices to spy on people without a warrant. And, they work with the ‘community policing’ scheme to circumvent the law and the Constitutional protections of citizen, and all this is hidden from the wider public, secret-obscured, occluded: occult.

mental illness: any one of a number of clinical disorders of the mind that affect a significant number of people around the world. It is estimated that “Approximately 1 in 5 adults in the U.S.—43.8 million, or 18.5%—experiences mental illness in a given year – See more at: http://www.nami.org/Learn-More/Mental-Health-By-the-Numbers#sthash.NijBXa5r.dpuf ” More here.

Induced Psychosis: The internet today offers many positive things for everyone, but also hosts some of the most diabolical plots and plans ever conceived by humans. Among these are various psychological operations designed to induce symptoms of schizophrenia, schizotypal, bi-polar, depression, and more. The literature on the subject is scant, but many indicators can be found when researching organized stalking.

Induced psychosis is a state of mind and or a condition of emotion, reasoning, and ability to discern real from imagined things wherein internet persons, organizations, institutions and operators conspire to manipulate one person, or a group of people’s perception with varying degrees of intensity, and varying degrees of success.

In the state of induced psychosis, a victim can hear voices, imagine things are happening that are not happening; can be persuaded or manipulated to do things they do not want to do, and much more.

Examples of induced psychosis may or may not include persons who had previous mental health issues or diagnoses, and may or may not include direct manipulation by intelligence agencies and institutions.

para-language: aside from the actual words and actual acceptable, widely known meanings of words, there is a subsidiary set of meanings, and symbolism that is communicated in how, when why, with whom, and where words are used. These subsidiary meanings are not always apparent, nor widely known.

Intelligence agency: any one of many law enforcement, quasi law enforcement, private and public institutions and organizations that collect information, data, facts and objects related to facts and information in order to investigate or otherwise compile these things into dossiers and databases with the intention of acting upon or interacting with subjects of these dossiers in the present or in the future.

hasbara: technically, it means ‘pro-Israel propaganda,’ but in practice it is a targeted campaign waged by Israel and AIPAC to Identify, harass and tlk people who disagree with zionist perpetual war schemes.

spiritual stalking: many of the various agents, agencies, and other shitbags who participate in organized stalking play upon religious superstitions to gain compliance. So, tactics like standing outside someones window and whispering things is designed to infer ghosts/angels/dead relatives/crime victims, etc. Scrawling personal details from someone’s life on a newspaper that the target will view, etc, etc,While ridiculous on the surface, quite effective. And, many stalkers will then try to persuade a victim to join their org/church/cult

lizard brain: every animal has a reptilan 

targeted individual: the best example is the ‘official’ example-the use of the term in military jargon. A person who is literally the target of a legal, illegal, warranted orvunwarranted investigation, or like some throughout history, a target of an intelligence agency hit.

Because so many agents and agencies practice these black operations, it is hard o tell online who is who. However, many examples have recently come into the limelight. Muslims, journalists, actiits, whitle blowers and more who the FBI, working with Fusion Centers and local police are targeting in illegal ‘disruption campaigns’ designed to cause duress in an individual, with the goal of creating an informant.

Here is one such case where a Muslim was targeted in such a way 

Professor Fox: a San Francisco lawyer’s mocking parody of this blogs author.




We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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