“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Links, Blogs, and Tools of Civil Disobedience

The actual electronic tools used against targets of surveillance, and organized stalking-the known toolkit of counter-intelligence and intelligence collection organizations, courtesy of an agent who was inspired by Edward Snowden’s courage.

If you are a researcher of oganized stalking, you will often read outrageous claims of “electronic harassment” that defy logic or rational explanation, and you will note that the claimants seldom/never document it with available tools, as simple as an RF meter, or lo frequency detection sotware. It is important to note that most claims are pure disinformation. 

However, extreme electronic stalking and electronic harassment does occur, and much online disinfo is designed to drown those actual, real claims in senseless dis/mis information and psycho-babble online.

Here’s a free online copy of Civil Disobedience, by Henry David Thoreau, who had lived a quiet, solitary life at Walden, an isolated pond in the woods about a mile and a half from Concord. He now returned to Walden to mull over two questions: (1) Why do some men obey laws without asking if the laws are just or unjust; and, (2) why do others obey laws they think are wrong? 

Here is an excellent analysis of both Thoreau and Civil Disobedience by Wendy McElroy

Then: this blog recommends these three most valuable tools and strategies to stay alive, and safe, while preserving evidence of organized stalking

1. Cameras-keep them near you, and in your homes. Diversify them-use wired, mwireless IP, and hand helds. Extra points for button cameras, clock cameras etc.

2. Always document times, dates of the most extreme events. Don’t wate time with the everyday stuff, and CALL IN WITNESSES TO YOUR SITUATION. Try to findvgood guys in thesystem who can verify facts.

3. Seek professional help, but only after you have solid evidence in some form. Lawyers can file, or hold affidavits, and evidence related to affidavits.

The Intercept, the online newspaper that was created o release Edward Snowden’s documents. They also use Secure Drop encrypted communication for whistle blower documents.

Privacy tools from Edward Snowdens .org, for activists, journalists and targeted persons:


Glenn Greenwald at the Intercept-a newspaper that was started in order to publish Snowden’s material, has published two “catalogues of spy tools,” that intelligence agencies, private spy agencies, oppressive governments, and non-profit organizations use in community stalking campaigns against targeted speakers.


Mass Private I, following the news of the surveillance state and its excesses:


Techdirt has some of the most fun-to-read stories ever written about the surveillance state, legal isues about technology, constitutional rights, and technology.


Electronic Frontier Foundation covers privacy in the digital era. It frequently sues the government, files amicus briefs, and battles the dark forces of the security apparachiks


The best Freedom of Information Act webite online, will help you file FOIA requests, and which has great materials tht have been released previously ( any serious researcher of organized talking, gas lighting, etc is already familiar with how Martin Luther King was chronically harassed, stalked, intimidated and more-but How about James Baldwin? Or Terry Southern? Muckrock has the documents!)


Hacking can put you on a tsrget list, and give corupt agents and agenies one more excuse as to why they are using ‘parallel construction’  to frame a case round  you. While they always have an interesting excuse, never forget: their real goal is to prosecute you for your knowledge-to attempt to ilence you, or otherwise inhibit your speaking ability; your abilty to communicate knowledge to others better equipped to fight them, reveal them, or warn others about them.

Here is Phrack archives, hacking basics, from the way back era before potato guns, and putting a math on a greasy fart got people jailed-and it is basic hacking from the days of Apple 1. It contains lifehacking, phone phreaking, and computer hacking from the days before devices were so full of advertising apps, and data mining exploitations of users that you cant tell where your life begins nd your privacy ends.


We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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