“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Organized gang stalking facts for criminal defense lawyers, psychologists, and social workers.

You are a criminal defense lawyer, or mental health professional, who has a client who claims they are being stalked by unknown agents and agencies. Your first impulse is to have your client checked for schizophrenia. Tht is best practice due dilligence for you, and because of that, it is safe to say that your practice is stuck in the year 2000.

Why 2000? Because after 9/11, all the old rules went out the window. The government, and cases related to the paranoid narrative were implauible-in fact, schiophrenic narrtives of complicated plots were well established in law and psychology.

But ask yourself: prior to Edward Snowden; William Binney, Russel Tice-Colleen Rowley and many more whistle blowers who told us what knew-without thee coming forward- who could possibly believe that all of our phones are indeed tapped? That airplanes follow us around? That the government wages highly personalized, agonizing campaigns of ‘disruption,’hacking computers in cray making campaigns tht talk people across blog platforms, Twitter, email and more; or that judges would become complicit in completely un-warranted surveillance of subjects for YEARS?
Welome to the new facts of an old shell game-gang talking is tge new COINTELRO, but this time via cell phones, cameras, computer hacks that follow subjects for years. Here is what you need to know.

1) Gang stalking is, first and foremost, a ‘real’ phenomenon, as documented pro or con in the press, online blogs, videos, and many books have been written about this topic. The criminal defense lawyer who must defend a client who claims gang stalking should be open to accepting the base claim as fact, while also accounting for mental health before and after the onset of stalking. And, be prepared to shift the paradigm away from schizophrenia, and into actual provable acts of mind control via hrassment of someone who has, in the words of Glenn Greenwald ” no place to hide.”

Because the modern Department of Homeland Security schema and the FBI ‘disruption’ tactics figure prominently in te vast majority of these cases, electronic evidence will exist. A simple example would be the flight data from the DHS/FBI airplanes that circled American cities fom 2001 forwards, collecting cell phone data.

Other data points that can be subpoenaed are: local police cruiser GPS data, GPS data and pings from radios, individual officers cell phone tower dumps, and call records and so on. Especially useful is to identify those whom the poluce have involved in the ‘community policing’ schema-to identify them and their electronics, their GPS and location data, etc. Depending on the locality of your client, church groups, homless shelters, counseling centers-many groups partiipate, but most is co-ordinted via Fusion Centers, squad cars, etc.

2) As a phenomenon, gang stalking has both credible, and discreditable features. The incredible features are, for the most part, to be dismissed as too difficult to prove or disprove (‘they zap my right nipple with electrons!’ And so on). This blog focuses on synthesizing the credible, while avoiding the incredible or easily discredited claims.

3)  The defense lawyer must be careful to ask the client ‘when did it begin,’ and other questions about who might be doing it and why. While a client might easily appear to be unstable, and due to te duration of time involved, the narrative can be as jumbled as that of actual paranoid schizophrenics. But that doesn’t make them untrue.

4) Evidence CAN be collected to validate in part ot in whole that gang talking has taken place. Simple evidentiry exhibits like a list of IP addresses from the targets computer are helpful-but the real gold in these cases will be found by accessing the names of persons, places, and programs that run, or are involved at the IP data points, social media, and data centers along the way.

5) Because tactics vary depending upon who is waging a disruption campaign against your client, and whtever pretext they use to justify these illegal, duress and stress campaigns, the methods of attack vary. Here below are several that are easy to talk about, and easy to verify:

-perhaps the most obvious, singular, common tactic is intimidation by police presence. Local police, ambulance, fire, wnd other personnel actually DO mob targets. For example, your cluentvrepirts tat wherever he/he goes, suddenly individuals or groups f the above mysteriously show up. This is a real tacti, documented by many.

One blogger online documents as much with video, and photography-I think Googling “gang stalking in oceanside” brings up dozens of such posts.

Previous to Snowden, it sounded simply impossible that such a claim could be true. AFTER Snowden, we know as fact that the technology, infrastructure, and apparatus is fully in lace to do these things, using cell phones, routed onto a targeted list, monitored full time via AI, yes-they really do follow people. And, more often than not, they can make the claim that it is for national security, it was a drill, etc.

But believe your client, ask or specific, or approximate times dates, etc-and collect the evidence: video from CCTV, etc.

–internet and social media stalkers are probably the second most common, provable evidentiary aspects of organized gang stalking. Police and LEO’s, private contractors, etc, use te internet and track computers the same as they track phones, communicating via texts, nd calls to each other. 

So, for example, your client says tat they ere on Facebook, and weird tuff happens: their page freezes, their connections re cut, etc. This really appens, and it leaves residual records. 

Maybe your client has some new ‘friends’ who like all the wrong posts, or who passively manipulate your client with suggestive commentary. This has become standard practice across the country, because LEO’s etc., are actually using the internet to mole your clients, often inciting them, or merely tracking them, and creating  association webs and mind maps, sometimes for years, if not decades. And in the case of Somali’s in Minneota, or Muslims in general; indeed Tea Party Actvists, BLM and more, we see that they use the Threat Assessment matrix to actually spin webs around clents, and/or build cases from whole cloth.


We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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