“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

About Me: bio

Popagandaculture is part of several literary novels in progress, and you, perhaps, are part of the dialogue. I  hope the reader becomes inspired to write their own stories, and to practice the use of words that are more powerful and effective than physical weaponry to create positive change.

This particular novel began over 30 years ago. The actual writing began in 2003, and then stopped for many reasons. 

Then, in April, 2015, this author was surrounded, and accosted in a classroom at a library, while teaching foreign immigrants to America to read, write, and speak English. American law enfarcement and intelligence agencies imprison and murder people for lesser infractions, and by then, this author knew what to call such tactics.

This author was surrounded, and attempts at provocation were made by what is known today as ‘agents of disruption’ practicing ‘security theater’ that involved a very large police department known for repression, and that was outed in 2014 for keeping one of the largest, non-public, politically motivated domestic spying databases in American history. The LAPD has compiled more dossiers on citizens, and associates than the FBI did during COINTELPRO 1.

Welcome to COINTELPRO-ONGOING. The tactics were described in 1976 by the Frank Church Commission, but they have only beome more impune, deviant, illicit, and pornographically absurd-so obscene and absurd are these tactics, that multiple alphabet agencies refuse to acknowledge them in public, official paperwork, much less in a court room.

At one time, this author was a gatekeeper. In that position, I saw what happens on both sides of the gate. I encountered gangs, and gangsters, spies and terrorists, pimps and whores, and many fine representatives of our fully emerged police state as well. I oversaw the recreational activities of people from dozens of cultures, many of them targeted populations from Asia, to the Middle East, Israel, Somalia, Bangladesh, and so on.

While friendly and relatively impartial to culture, and careful to avoid falling on either side, I found that there is always a place to go, and report a petty criminal, but nowhere at all to report endemic intelligence agency, and police corruption that we now know as a full blown surveillance state financed by oligarchs who have no allegiance to American people or democracy. Our police hte the Constitution, our judges hate the citizens, and intelligence genies pit us against each other until no one knows anymore that we once lived under the rule ofvlaw-the letter and the spirit ofvthe law united.

But clearly, not anymore.

It is this authors conclusion that the ends do not justify the means, unless you are an animal. So I became a citizen whistle blower, and a covert contributor to the news cycle. As you might expect, I then became even more highly targeted with a variety of  disruption campaigns ranging from personal slander, to whole-life surveillance that was quite effective, and kept me quiet-until I began to realize that I am not alone.

It is the authors belief, based on personal counter-intelligence in the form of  film, photo, tape recorded converstions, wireless data mapping of ICE raids on my home, black bag jobs caught on camera, and thousands of hours of research, that this ‘disruption’ was a decades long attempt to coerce this author into becoming a confidential informant for a larger and slightly more nefarious agencies than the local PD’s who acted as foot soldiers for the DHS/FBI with disruption tactics that the world knows today.

Thanks to other whistle blowrs, this blog, others like it exist as signs of ‘our times,’and especially because of the dilligent reportage of the newspaper that was the underpinning of a narrative that is unanimously democratic-and that allowed that Edward Snowden’s story could see the light of day, stories like my own live and breath outside the cybecage we now know is a huge entrapment scheme.

That reportage by The Intercept has enabled those who are voiceless, the opportunity to frame the horrors of this last decade and a half of secret, chronic, pervasive, and abusive domestic surveillance and the accesory hidden brutality of the internet and it’s monitors, into words, which are far more powerful, and longer lasting-much stronger than weapons of any kind.

You will find herein, clues, and snippets of the actual novels contained herein, those writings in progress.  As a reference, to understand this authors work, I suggest the phrase “who will watch the watchers,” and the novels The Master nd Margarita, Confederacy of Dunces, Crime and Punishment, Tropic of Capricorn, and Edward Abbey’s work in the shadows, while the allies rain bombs over Dresden, on top of Kurt Vonneguts head.

This blog is, first and foremost, an exploration of the fearless use of language in a corrupt democracy that teeters on fascism and oligarchy, America in 2016, and an expression of non-violent resistance.

 Then, it is a living testimony to how cowardly, and corrupt state agents and agencies are today, in the monitoring of pure constitutional speech, and the covert, chronic, pervasive, and illegal harassment of speakers of pure speech. In that light, take time to note the ‘warrant eagle’ on the sidebar of this blog.

The facts, opinions, nuanced extrapolations of fact, the research, and the general flow and progression of this work, and other material herein, with the exception of the images, news clippings, or quotations from other authors are copyright of the blog owner, and not to be construed exlusively, or exclusive of actual facts, or sustainable posititions that can be proven to be ‘original work’ in a court of law.

Read this blog as black satire, wherein what is said actually covers the actual novel that this blogs author cannot legally write in the authors own country! A novel inferred, but not written out, because the act of writing the nov3l itself would be illegal in America. Read this, as if the story itself is woven between the lines of the work, a story that only CIA or FBI or NSA can “know” despite the sentiment of the author, and against the readers ‘right to know’

As if an invisible thread that you can never know-but that agents of governments, individuals with innapropriate or illegal access to the authors life, and your own; and the NSA et ass presume to “know” instantly, regardless of the authors intention.

That which intention is to inform and enlighten citizens around the world about our common oppression, and the worst evil in history: the era of total information awareness, and its use and abuse by democracies and dictators, and billionaire oligarchs alike to manipulate the hearts and minds of anyone who uses the internet, becomes aware or enlightened, or becomes just plain mad every time they see the image of militarized police-each image from around the world similar in tone, and intent: designed to let us know that they are watching, everywhere.

This blogs author arrived at the positions, commentary, and substance of these ‘raw drafts’ of chapter, novels, and ideas after a life of trying to do the right thing, which is scoffed at by facsists everywhere.

Below this line is this authors old bio-a bio compiled under great duress, and actual, provable harms.


So, sorry to do this to you, but there’s nothing to “see” here- there is no actual “me.” This page is merely a survey of my audience, and to see how many people, from what locations are curious about “me,” and my most controversial, heretical positions and unedited writing; to view the IP and other data about which persons, from which institutions, and agencies, want to know about ” me.”

I have had extremely interesting stalkers, rhetorical violence, threats, and more by people in government, colleges, and other institutions directed at me, my writing, or my editorial opinions, as part of a global campaign to silence free speech, and its speakers.

And, of course, I am not alone in that, as we all now, know.

So, this page is clickbait, designed for me to watch “you,” assessing “me,” and to develop a profile of what kinds of people find my controversial writing interesting. The author welcomes opinions,  contradictory positions, and welcomes facts even more.

Considering that most people just lurk, and never take the risk of commenting, this assessment tool provides me a de minimus standard through which to assess my hidden audience.

I can be reached via my ‘About’ page.


2 comments on “About Me: bio

  1. miagataaa
    August 26, 2016

    Hey, it’s been a while. Great bio!

    Gonna send you a sincere email tomorrow.
    I’ve spent all day preparing for the shitkickin’ cross ‘murica tour all day. Dammit. I’m always paranoid about leaving messages on your page.
    Fuck it. Hope you’re doing well


    • popagandi
      August 26, 2016

      Thanks on the bio- I work so hard on it lol….I look forward to your email. But dont sendme any attachments that need immediate attention-I have to open attacmt in a special thing called a sandbox.

      I have wondered wht happened to you. I thought maybe you had gotten wanderlust….and I don’t speak easy when I mention that, lol;)


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