“His response was to fight it with the only weapons at hand—passive resistance and open displays of contempt.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan

Free Cyber-Tools for Whistle blowers and Victims of Organized Stalking

Illegal, quasi-legal, and always hidden methods of lawvenfarcementbhave eroded our Constitution. Ordinary people, cops, criminal, and even government officials and intelligence agents get “gang stalked”

These are the tools Edward Snowden recommends for privacy. Other tools exist online as freeware, shareware, and so on. You don’t need a million bucks to prove it is happening.

Tor and Tails used from a virtual machine over a VPN are your best options for privacy. However, it is worth noting that Tor and Tails are easily exploited using man in the middle attacks that reveal both a users location, and their identity if you don’t use both a VM and a VPN.

Depending on the exploit, they can also reveal data in encrypted, partially encrypted, and often, unencrypted form. Tails itself can be trashed with a massive targeted DDoS. Most of todays exploits are actually yesterdays exploits-old attacks, or social engineering.

Because MIM attackers are usually in and around your home surrounding,  near your immediate location, or working illegally or nefariously via InfraGard with your ISP, there are other tools mentioned below that help diagnose the attacker. The best tool is vigilance-Who will watch the watchers? Don’t let them live in your head without exacting a penalty.

While it may be tempting for some targeted individuals to strike back in some way using violence, thereby harming themselves or others, violence is NEVER the solution-it’s what they want you to do, so, they win-it vindicates their false, and provably corrupt moral superiority, which has had a longer PR run than you.

I personally was part of the social movement to force the use of body cameras on LEO’s, and certainly have paid a price for that. But what a joy to make positive change without violence, using only words, pictures and six degrees of separation ( in my case, there is only miliseconds between me, and the people who have let me know ‘they’re watching’). Regardless, whole police departments across America now use body worn cameras. Aaaaah-MmmmbwaaaAaahahahahaaaa!

So, tool number ONE  is a camera, or several ( recommended) and hidden cameras can save you from frame jobs, or having to raise an object ( I thought his/her Iphone was a lightsaber!!) and vindicate you when they say ( and they say it every time) ‘I was in fear for my life/safety/thought he had a weapon/thought his pencil was a Congo Bushwhacker’ etc. The more cameras the better. 

You have the right, in every state in America, to film in your own home, yard, and in public.

I don’t reccomend that you buy them online, or buy them with credit cards, because we know that they can, do, and will intercept them, damage them or alter them. They will also know the make and model, and will study how to hack, or defeat their purpose before they next black-bag your house or apartment. Buy with cash,  and hand pick your cameras. Avod the night vision with red LED and get the ones with ‘silent light.’

But alo, anticipate that they will use your own cameras as surveillance tools!; You can find information about that online.

So get a camera, or several. It’s yor right, and it’s peaceful, non-violent resistance. And, really, doing extreme things in retaliation to these brownshirts is just selfish-and does nothing to assist others understanding what your story is-you are not alone. Retaliation, violence, aggression is how they win, and doing these things means everyone loses, including good cops who have families to go home to.

Fight, flight, or WRITE!

Writing about your experiences is the number two tool in any kit-it helps you to document the reality of this horrible thing-and can help others put the piece together too. You probably have discovered that Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress to a lesser extent is completely full of paid bullies and trolls who reverse IP you, hack your accounts, and even come offline into your real life. 

Don’t give up-be steady, and come to see your writing as a necessary thing like food, water or shelter-it will protect you, and possibly vindicate your side of the story, or provide evidence to help others. Most importantly, spread your story across the internet in multiple places, because by now you know that weasels love to hack you when all your eggs are in one basket.

And-report the bullies, name them if you can, and report them to DHS, the FBI, and local law enforcement all at once. It leaves documentation behind that you attempted to follow law and protocol.But do it semi-anonymously, and have a witness that you trust witness it. Because the suret wy to become o target, if you aren’t actually one already, is to try to report it to the exact people who sre doing it!

But the records count later, for all of us.

Real Tools to Fight Real Criminals

Organized stalking by its nature is designed to be hidden away from the courts, and decent law enforcement agents ( there are a few). Your goal is to fight them legally, with evidence that can be accepted in  court, or by jornalists and human rights organization.

While it is widely known now that community policing, with organizations like the Law Enforcement Intelligence Units in the background illegally monitoring citizens, or the various Cub Scout-like police academy recruits who are stalking you for practice, it is important to be amed with the same types of OSINT tools they use.

Here is what Michael Bazzel, the Dark Lord and tech guru for the gang stalking LEIU reccomends to those who are stalking you:


And here, below are other, free and often open source tools to do this back to them, and links to more tools:

Poortego is a tool or tech savvy victims. It allows you to track people online who are tracking or stalking you.


Wireshark is a tool that monitors every port on your computer and tells you exactly what, and who comes in and out of your box. However, if you use it, state level actors like NSADHSFBICIADESDIAMOSSADMI5ETALPHABET and a few locals at the LEIU working from Fusion Centers have discovered that if they crash Wireshark, then they can break into your box. Still, a useful tool, becuse it is a record that courts will accept.

Wireshark for Android requires a jailbroke phone (root) but Greyshirts is jst as good, and doesn’t require root.

Heat Mapping is a way to see what other wireless networks are near you.As you have no doubt discovered by now, wireless hacking of your connection is a primary form of organized stalking harrassment. It is how they ‘know what you’re doing!’ and are able to repeat it back to you the next day. Heat maps identify signals that are close to you, and most signals have names, and the devices can be documented. And, most of the stalkers signals are un-named, or use Motorola, Harris and Broadcom mac address ID’s. 

These tools-and there are many online, can help you see the unseen, and document trends and wireless patterns around your house. I like INSSIDer, but Eckahau and others work well. But all heat mappers help you know ‘what is done in darkness.’


I will add to this list as time permits, but these above will prepare you and givevyou cortroom worthy evidence. Yes, Victor and Virginia, it really is happening to you, and these free/freeware tools will help you prove or disprove it. If nothing else these tools will help you lean a new skillset with which to help others.

A final noteabout storing evidence: always backup, and keep multiple copies on flash drives, and other storage mediums.  Encrypt ( sadly most open source encryption has been back-doored, but payware encryption has higher standards.) Contrary to what some think, storing things like this online as a secondary backup is a good bet for several reasons: If you belueve that you are a TI and that you have been hacked already, whst’s the harm?  It leaves a record of storage, it verifies that you stored, leaves a signature, and should the info get hacked, a record of even THAT exists as evidence.


We’re all so meta that the NSA targets our intellectual detritus.


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